lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Nude Anne Hathaway

Not really, though that involves some of thinking for today's entry. It's been one week and three days since I've had depression free days, this is the  first time I've been out of it since October, therapy had something to do, though I feel like it's gonna go eerie some time soon.

Either way, after seeing that love, drugs and other addictions movie I came to realize something, a reason about maybe why it's hard for me to fall in love as of... well as of lately and ever. I can seem to be able to stop doing whatever other people consider an addiction rather easily, I just stop and I think the same happens with Love, other people they avoid certain actions and feelings because the addiction tells them they need someone, or affection at least. Not me, I don't really need it, it's good for a while, but whenever something I don't like happens I can stop it any time, it's rather complicated I guess but I don't know I feel like there's something to this.

In other news my sleeping pattern has been more than messed up lately, I haven't been able to sleep before 5 am, the doc says it's because I think too much, which to be honest is one of the reasons I keep blogging all I am thinking at the moment, I just write everything here in hopes it doesn't keep me up at night, though it doesn't seem enough. At least I now exactly why I can't fall asleep with strong anti-insomnia pills but I can with booze. Which is good.

Anyway, like always, not sleeping well has been making my head feel a little crowded today, which sucks because it doesn't let me think straight, nor write and I've been in a good mood for writing lately. This crowded feeling is the best I can do to describe the sensation, it just feels like Wall street living in my head, though not exactly pain per se, just a sensation.

And before I go, someone in the house has something making a repetitive noise that if it doesn't stop it's gonna find it's way up someone's ass. Not in the fun way either.