miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Sir Elton John screwed me over

The 63 year old man probably doesn't know this, but it's because of a concert he is giving in a nearby city that today I'm facing financial problems. The corruption in the government that he is performing for is just exaggeratedly big and it's forcing the low level employees to buy the tickets, just as in the past it has forced tickets for football games, a Shakira concert, an Alizee concert, etc. Only that this time we can't afford the ticket, so my mom got fired from her work today thanks to Sir Elton John, who won't ever know this most likely, and who will spend his life oblivious to what has happened in my household today.

I'm proud of my mom for her morals and this will most likely be taken to court as it was an unjustified lay off, which she will most likely win, but I just wanted to share with the world about those things that happen that affect us.

My mom never would have thought in a million years that due to Elton John she would be without a job one day, nor would I ever imagine it, it's like someone telling me today that in 10 years Natalie Portman will have a significant impact in my life.

The concert is for a good cause, it's too bad that the organizers of the concert aren't good at all, I sincerely wished that Sir Elton John would read this, because in a way his life has directly affected mine, and that's one of those universe situations that can never really be explained to the fullest.

It makes me wonder, sort of, how many people I have affected through out my life and how different the world would be if I hadn't existed, probably not that different, but with the chaos theory in place, even the tiniest change in the initial conditions could make major changes later, but I'll guess I'll never really know how significant or insignificant my life truly is.

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