martes, 8 de febrero de 2011


I started this blog, not for anyone to read, although if someone does I don't really care, it was supposed to be a way to write down memories as I start forgetting parts of my past. Then it became a good place to vent about the things in my life that make it not work for me at the moment. Now though, it feels as if somehow I'm documenting the loss of what little mental sanity I had.

Everyone does stuff they shouldn't, but the more I look back the more I realize how messed up I am, I don't regret anything, well maybe a couple of things but for the most part even though I know I've done some pretty bad things I can live with it. It's not like I've killed anyone, although I've met people that have killed and somehow it just made me lose what little respect I had left in religion.

I've been going to therapy, I've actually opened up like I've never before and well, it's not working like I thought it would. So far all I've proven is that I'm slowly losing my interest in society, that I feel like I'm better than other people, not in the sense that I'm smarter, or stronger nor anything like that, only that I can see life differently, people are so... caged by their reality that they fail to see what really matters.

I've been doing some thinking into my past, it started at age, I don't know, probably 13. The first time I dreamed about something and then saw it happen. It happened some times, once at school before I met a girl, once in a party with people I never knew, at the beach looking at a street sign, and some other times. I used to think maybe there was a connection with the future, it started my interest in both physics and parapsychology.

The good thing about the internet is that if a group of different people with strange beliefs wants to, they can meet online and form a community. That's the same with psionics, though this term may be weird for anyone not in the field. It's sort of like mind powers. I really thought I had them, for more than two years. Eventually though, I started seeing people there for who they were, people like me wanting to believe too much they were special. Some really believed it, I'm sure of it, thinking back to that time it was like the paradise of delusions. I got tired, mostly because I truly believed I had it, and because the rest of them were just... Unbelievably delusional.

I still think sometimes that I have something going on, I remember a time I heard something that no one else heard and it lead to us avoiding a terrible crash, or my ability to score high in standardized tests despite not knowing the answers. Though I don't know, I've been reading enough about psychology lately that perhaps it's all really in my head, which ain't good considering the time that has passed.

I'm probably getting ideas into my head, I'm overthinking everything, I haven't really slept that well lately, and I just feel like I'm sinking. I feel as if I'm on a ship, everyone else around me died from lack of supplies, there's a storm, I don't have a compass, it's night and I have to feed on the others to survive. I wished that was an overstatement.

Whatever, I'll keep on working on therapy and see what comes up, I'll try not to think about delusions, hallucinations, and one flew over the cuckoo's nest. Most of the times when you expect something horrible it's not as bad as you think right?

I should try sleeping, and distract myself with something other than videogames, I've tried to pause my life, I don't feel ready to go at it, not at this state anyway, but it doesn't really wait for anyone. I just wished I had superpowers sometimes, make everything stop.

I don't wanna sink, but I'm not really fighting the storm, nor is there any life savers around me that I can see. The worse is that everyone around me is just so concerned and I can see the pity in their faces. I guess it's good though, I don't know where I would be right now if I didn't have people around watching over so I don't do anything stupid, I would probably be homeless and a drunk or something of the sorts.

Also, watching Black Swan at this point in my life probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had.

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