miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

Love's not a competition, but I don't care either way

My teenage years were branded by what I used to call my curses, to be honest maybe they were just creepy and evil figments of my imagination. Probably, lately I've been questioning most of the things I used to believe in, it's like trying to finish a 12,000 piece puzzle except it's not 3d and you've been thinking it's 3d for most of the time and you just realized your mistake.

I'm rambling, though if you are any used to reading me you'd know by now that these collection of random and sometimes incoherent thoughts are not meant to make any sense. They are meant to serve as a guide to my past and also to my future.

Anyway, when I was I don't know, 12 maybe, Valentine's day was a big deal for me. I was a promiscuous kid, I started dating at age 11, and other stuff pretty early on too. I guess that's what I get for always hanging out with people from 1 to 3 years older than me, when I was 11 all my friends were 13 some even 14. So naturally when I was 13 they were 15 or 16 and well everyone knows what 16 year old kids do and don't do. But anyway more details on my promiscuity can be found through out all this mess of a blog, that's not what matters today.

So yeah, Valentine's, the one day of the year where everyone reminds you of your singleness, either that or they scam you into spending a lot of money. I haven't had many relationships though enough so that you need both hands to count them, and for some reason none of them had ever synchronized with Valentine's dinner except the last one. So despite all previous experiences I knew my relationships wouldn't last to february, but this last one started in february and I've learned to act enough to maintain a relationship at least past the two month mark. My problem being that I'm bored in relationships, when the I becomes we, you have to compromise half of your personality, and I've never been that good at that. My healthiest relationship was with a girl that used to say yes to everything I wanted, I broke it up when she started wanting me to say yes as well. Hey whatever, I know I'm selfish, I don't care.

The point is that I can rewind to all my relationships and know when I felt it coming, that moment where I felt like losing the I. I call it being a symbiote, you remember Venom from Spiderman? We are venom, we like to eat your brains, we love pain. God, I don't wanna be a we, I'm very happy being an I.

What I was going with this is that my curse was being alone for valentine's except that time with Heather, to be honest that was a long distance thing and it taught me not to be a moron, it also taught me that it doesn't matter if you are 11 or 20 being lied to and cheated stings like a bitch.

So last Valentine's I was actually happy, one of my curses had broken. I wasn't alone in Valentine's, I wasn't going to die without having a Valentine's day the proper way. This isn't an irrational fear by the way, I've always known I'll die young, I don't know how, or why, or when. Most likely due to my diet. But anyway, what I learned about that Valentine's day is that everyone wants to become a Symbiote. It's sad really, "Who is he?" "Oh he's her boyfriend". How sad is this? They have successfully removed your individualization, not to mention, automatically you have new friends and new family members, which can be good. But let's face it, I have to try real hard to give a crap about my own family and friends, so a mask begins, the mask that likes everyone of her friends, that enjoys stupid musicals, that likes fancy dinners and dressing properly, that doesn't watch sports. I hate that guy, not that he's whipped, he wouldn't answer orders or fake liking stuff just because, but he puts up a face of a champ and acts just to keep that feeling of closeness to the other person.

What I mean with this is that this was my first Valentine's after the break up and I didn't feel a thing, growing up I felt the need to be like everyone else, to get that experience, you know the movie one. After having it, I'm glad I'm single, I didn't think for one second about Valentine's nor about a girl actually. It felt good, sometimes turning into a robot doesn't feel all that bad you know? Sure, you slowly lose your ability to feel stuff, but it's not that bad, at least this way you know that if you screw up it's just your life that you fuck up. There's no one there to get mad or tell you off.

The second curse? Well that was just running into an old girlfriend that I hate each Halloween, talk about a witch huh? Thankfully that curse broke when I went to Texas for a year. Now I'm not cursed anymore, which is always a nice thing.

I'm not saying that Love is all that bad, it's good when you have it, I'm just saying that sometimes I don't think I'm the kind of guy that can care for others as much as he cares about himself. And I won't end up like my parents, there's no point.

Also, I learned something new that has me thinking about lots of things again, I'll have to tell the docs when I see them. Just when you think the only thing you have to worry about is turning into a fucking Black Swan, it turns out you also need to watch out to not turn into Veronika. There's a saying that states that things always turn worse before they turn better, so I should have seen this coming.

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