lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

The grass will be greener?

As I look through the window of my office, just having sent my resignation letter to my other bosses and letting them know that friday will be my last day, I think about what to write in these 15 minutes I have for myself before class.

Today is a day of changes, I had my psychiatrist appointment and I've been told to have yet another pill, this one is going to combat my insomnia, on top of the pills I've been taking for my GAD. So well my depression has apparently not stopped but the doc said that was common and that it should stop during the next weeks or days. So well, I can't wait to actually wanting to leave my bed, I hate chemical unbalances, they are seriously a pain in the ass.

Combined with a literature class that I hate, my teacher should be thankful I'm on meds or else I would have done something stupid in that class already. Have you ever had a teacher who doesn't admit to be wrong? I mean, sure, I am by no means an expert in literature, I do read a lot and I consider myself a knowledgeable person, in fact I have collaborative writing as a hobby of mine, so when she started talking about time and chronology in novels, well I was in my comfort zone, as a science fiction lover, I am all about time. So when she said that an example of anachronism was when a character went to the past as in Time Traveling, I knew she was wrong, since that is chronological in order for the main protagonist. So I told her than an anachronism would be a chapter where the main character is 10 years old followed by a chapter when he was 5.

Anyway, I guess that she doesn't like me that much anymore, mainly because I keep pointing out the inconsistencies in her teaching, but well, today I got more meds, the doc said we are doing progress with my psych issues and I'm slowly getting less insane. Which will be fun I guess, people always freak out when I tell them I'm taking anti-depressives, as if they expect me to jump off a bridge anytime soon. Pretty hilarious actually.

So now, I have to go to class, then to do a videogame transaction to get a Wii for the family, and I'll be going to a concert later on tonight, Carmina Burana, by some guy that danced somewhere in London. So it's supposed to be pretty good, I like some opera so I hope it will be good.

I say goodbye for now, as I feel more and more like a novel character as time passes by, I'm just expecting the climax or the plot twist sometime soon, and turn my life into either an action or a drama, so well, time will tell, personally, I like explosions.

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